What a weird strange trip it’s been…

My brother, Ken, would be proud of me for actually knowing enough to quote a Grateful Dead song title correctly.  But, frankly, I had to look it up on google to make sure I got it right.

I’m not a fanatic fan, but no one can deny there were never truer words—and they certainly appeal to me right now, especially regarding the past year and a half of my life (which is about how long it’s been since I wrote on this blog).

To recap, I moved in with my partner, James, then WE moved into a new house and sold his, then Cheryl and I sold OUR house (she married Francis, bought land, and spends part of every year in Dominica; he spends time up here, too).  I got all the boxes unpacked about the time James had major surgery, then I took on the roles of caregiver and wedding planner—for our wedding.  (Oh, and I bought a new minivan.  I only remember that because the dealership just sent me a one-year anniversary card yesterday.)

Let’s just say… I’ve been a little overwhelmed.  Everything that’s happened has been the most incredible—and strange— journey, and nothing has been easy.  That day at the hospital when James had spinal surgery (he’s okay, btw) went on, LITERALLY, all day.  We arrived before 10:30 am.  I was there for 12 hours.  Giving all the details would bore you or bring you to tears (as I was at 10:30 PM when I finally got to visit him in his room).

The wedding planning became my life not long after that.  It turned out to be a full-time job, but well worth it.  All the planning in just four months—and all the wonderful people we worked with—culminated in my dream come true.  We were married on the beach, our toes (okay, my toes) in the sand, with all our siblings and many friends present.  That was definitely the happiest day of my life (that and every time James wakes up from surgery).

I have to wonder: why do we take only one day to celebrate a wedding, one of the most pivotal days of our lives?  Those 12 hours in the waiting room at CMC felt like forever; those 4 1/2 hours for the wedding and reception felt like a split second.  I can remember each of those agonizing 12 hours, yet I struggle to remember the many great moments of my wedding day.  I’m mostly grateful that my friend and photographer, Lisa Ellis, did such a great job of capturing my memories for me.  Kudos to Will Weaver, too, another friend, who took so many special photos of the whole event. And thanks to Donna Hart, my friend who I begged to video the event and gave me some priceless moments to laugh at forever.

So, what am I writing about in this blog?  I’m writing about being grateful and NOT being dead.  Blunt?  Yes.  True?  Absolutely.

Life gives us lots of opportunity and lots of hardship.  How we deal with it is completely our choice.  Sound cliché?  That’s because it is, but it’s STILL true.  We weren’t prepared, after James’ surgery, to have a wedding.  But we’d known for a long time we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, so waiting to say so was silly.  Every day is about waiting, and every day is about acting on what is truly important to us.

Right now, I have a husband who loves and adores me—and I love and adore him—and we relish in all the moments we spend together, especially when we’re both working 10-hour days more often than not, and weekends, too.

Basically, I’m reintroducing myself to you.  I am officially Anne Kaylor, and I am absolutely proud to be so!

And I’m offering the idea that I’ll be back.

Best to anyone who still occasionally visits here!

Anne (Hicks) Kaylor

P.S.  I’d love to promise you I’ll be back soon, but I’ve done that before, so you shouldn’t trust my promises any more than I do concerning this blog.  The good news is that my life is TOO FULL to take much time out for blogs.  Unless the inspiration hits me…


~ by Anne Kaylor on July 17, 2014.

One Response to “What a weird strange trip it’s been…”

  1. Hi Anne,

    Glad to hear that you and James are married and he came through surgery. Best wishes on your new life together and yes, I will keep reading 🙂 Give my best to James!


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