I’m in(to) “Glee” … but, sometimes, I wonder why I blog …

… then it hits me.  Despite how many months I go without writing on my blog—I need this; I need your feedback.

Always, you have been kind, and I thank you.  And, tonight, I struggle and need that reassurance that you still “check me out from time to time.”  And I have to ask the question of all of us: how do we juggle the everyday with the creative side that longs to grab hold?

I have a hard time finding that creative inspiration.  And I’m not sure what I most want to relay to you—the greatest pains of my life that spur me to write or the greatest Pandora mixes I’ve discovered that inspire me.  Odd as it sounds, I’ll try to do both fairly succinctly…

My plight?  I’ve been reviewing good writing from others—it’s my job as an editor and, yes, I know I’m lucky—but, I have to say, it inhibits my own appetite for writing at times.  Plus … Cheryl, my best friend and housemate of 20+ years, is getting married in January and we’re planning her destination wedding in Dominica.  James, my fiance, and I are striving to sell his house so we can find our home.  Work is crazy good but overwhelming.  My mom is in a “space” so she hasn’t spoken to me in nine months and I’m stalled on that count.  My sister is dealing with marital issues, and my brother is just wiped out dealing with Mom,  my “off-center” 90-year-old Uncle Arthur, and all the rest of the family.  And my Godfather Uncle Kenny died last week.

Thus, the crux.  I’m inspired to write.  But time is another matter.  How do we write when we are inspired but just too tired?  Where do we find the energy?

I’ve gotten into Pandora lately (hey, new phone/new realization), at first just to have background noise while I was working.  Then I thought about plugging in my guilty pleasure—“Glee.”  Okay, so I was not a fan or watched the show … until lately.  Cheryl gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and “Glee” showed up when I was playing around in the Netflix free zone, so I decided to check it out (sue me, I was curious).

What did I have to lose?  Turns out, nothing, actually.  I found out: (1) I LOVE the show and music, and (2) I’m not SO OLD I can’t relate to what it feels like to be a “loser.”

So, I plugged the “Glee Cast” into my Pandora and, surprisingly, the resulting songs got me into a writing groove—a real mix of angst-slash-feel-good-groove-slash-new-inspiration mode.  To be honest, this “podcast” came just at the right time.  I’m not sure—six months later/earlier—it would hit me at all.  But, right now, I needed a reminder of things past and how hard the struggle “was” (as opposed to is).

I’ll admit it fully; I’m a sap.  I actually gain writing momentum from watching this show and listening to the music.  Yes, it’s about teenagers, and high school, and prom—and life and death.  I’m still not over any of those moments; my guess is most of us aren’t.  And that’s really the reason I have to suggest this for you.  (If you don’t agree, look up the “Rumours” episode or “Prom”—watch them then respond.)

If you like the rock group Journey, you’ll enjoy plenty of this show; if you love musicals, then you will feel really good;  and if you hate Lady Gaga, you’ll have something to respond to, at the very least.  (You’re allowed to laugh, but still try it and tell me if it actually works for you.)

Just one more promo … “Defying Gravity” is the song that, typically, pops up within one of the first three in the “Glee” Pandora mix.  Well, I can only think, “That’s what I want to do/who I want to be!”  TOO telling (the song is from “Wicked”—I read the book/have to see the musical now).

We all find inspiration in the weirdest places … and I’m not afraid to say I’m hooked on whatever gives me inspiration.  Hope you are, too.

Keep writing, keep sharing!



~ by Anne Kaylor on August 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “I’m in(to) “Glee” … but, sometimes, I wonder why I blog …”

  1. Anne, i have to laugh. It is not at all unusual to get inspiration from watching a show about teenagers. Heck what are all my blogs about? My own teen reality show! I enjoy your blog and would encourage you to be genuine. Try not to worry too much about how much you do or dont reveal in your writing. A bit of mystery can be intriguing. In this world where everyone is an open wound seeking a talk show on which to publicly bleed, we are in need of some class, composure and decorum. You are a wonderful writer with an eager and fond readership. Blog away, watch Glee, enjoy the “Journey”

  2. Well, this entry is certainly reflective of inspiration! It is definitely one of the most emotionally evocative prose pieces that I have read from you. And what that overly adjective-filled comment means is that your energy and attitude come through with little inhibition, something I see so often in your poetry, less so in prose. So I do hate to think that it takes eight months of bottled angst to yield such a reflective entry (and, yes, you have been much more prolific with the poetry during this span, but that is not this overt), as I do so enjoy seeing you just “get it out there”. Love it, as always!!

    • Thanks to my 2 most devoted fans! You’re both right. And, I’m thinking, if I just sit down and right on the blog—and try to forget that everything I write doesn’t have to be “perfect”—I might actually blog more!
      So, ah shucks, thanks… 🙂

  3. Love this post. Nice to hear your voice. You were talking about inspiration for writing, and I wanted to tell you – I clicked around on your site, just looking. But I noticed the last entry in the topic “Anne just having fun” was in 2010!
    I prescribe more fun! Stat! I find doing things I find fun wakes up my creative side. Okay, if you must – listen to Glee while doing a fun activity. Then write about it. Here. Soon. 😉
    Ann (sans e)

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